December Update

2019 has drawn to a close. We have made some amazing progress during the year, and it is great to see that combining planning and discipline has resulted in us being a few months away from declaring ourselves debt free. Below are the final numbers for 2019:

Forecast December
Consolidation Loan  $1,912.79
Credit Card A  $ 0
Credit Card B  $ 3,800.75
Credit Card C  $ 0
Total  $ 5,713.54


Actual December
Consolidation Loan  $ 3,320.00
Credit Card A  $ 0
Credit Card B  $ 3,880.00
Credit Card C  $ 0
Total  $ 7,200.00

This puts us $2,538.20 ahead of our original forecast, and $1,486.46 behind our revised forecast. Not a bad effort considering all the additional Christmas expenditure! Visuals below:

December Tracking

Net Worth
Our net worth excluding HECs has exceeded $100k for the first time, coming in at $103,957.17, and including HECs at $80,753.83, an increase of $6,678.56 since the last post! Visuals below:

NW December


See you in the new year where we will finally pay off our consumer debt!

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