October Update

Welcome to the October update. We had hoped in the last update to crack the $10k mark this month but unfortunately had a lot of unexpected expenses, to the tune of around $1200. Nonetheless we have paid down as much as we can, and will keep working toward $0 by February. The numbers:


Forecast October
Consolidation Loan  $ 5,770.42
Credit Card A  $ 0
Credit Card B  $ 4,039.48
Credit Card C  $ 1,343.27
Total  $ 11,152.27


Actual October
Consolidation Loan  $ 8,400.00
Credit Card A  $ 0
Credit Card B  $ 4,147.00
Credit Card C  $ 500.00
Total  $ 13,047.00


This puts us $743.15 ahead of our original forecast but $1,894.73 behind our revised forecast. Coming into the silly season, typically being very expensive months for a lot of people, I am interested to see how we can cut back and continue to pay down as much debt as possible. In the worst case we may miss our intended goal of February and be pushed back into March, but honestly this isn’t troubling me as much as it would have in the past. We are always inching closer to $0, as we can see below! Then again there is still the off chance we receive that $3k windfall I was talking about, and wham we are right back ahead of the curve.


October Tracking.JPG


Net Worth
Net worth continues its upwards climb, with our combined super balances sitting at $106,210.60. This leaves our net worth including HECs at $69,960.26 and without HECS at $93,163.60. It is exciting to think that (pending market fluctuations) that this figure will be over $100,000 by the time we pay down all of our debt! Visuals below:

NW October.JPG


See you in November!




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