April Update

Greetings all!

Quite a late post yet again. We moved house over the last couple of weeks and I haven’t had time to update the blog.

This month looks terrible on paper due to the move but we are loving our new place and are much happier! After the move our trusty washing machine of 10 years gave up to add to the expenses.

Alas we keep moving forward. Financials below:

*note forecast has been revised

Forecast Apr
Consolidation Loan  $ 10,166.61
Credit Card A  $ 0
Credit Card B $ 4,873.95
Credit Card C  $ 5,241.40
Total  $ 20,281.96


Actual Apr
Consolidation Loan  $ 13,770.42
Credit Card A  $ 4,225.00
Credit Card B  $ 4,850.00
Credit Card C  $ 5,194.00
Total  $ 28,039.42

We really didn’t want to miss out on the property we applied for, so we paid the bond on an emergency credit card we had, as well as the new washing machine. Not strictly the best thing to do in debt but it is what it is. This situation further highlights the need of having a nice emergency fund at your disposal, which will be our first goal once out of debt in February. Like I said we are a lot happier here already and in total the move is only going to push our progress back by about three months.

As you can imagine our progress graph of the original forecast vs actual position has taken a nose dive:



All in all this leaves us $1,270.22 ahead of our original forecast, but $7,757.42 behind our revised forecast. Now onto some more positive news.

Net Worth
Overall our net worth this month has taken a slight backward step, coming in at $40,791.78. Considering we took on an additional $4k worth of debt this month it is nice to see the overall number only slide by about $800. Overall our super balances grew by $2,656.51 across the month or $88.54 a day. Here is everything represented visually:

Net Worth 1


Super Balance 1

I guess the overall message this month is you are going to have set backs in your financial journey, and by extension in life. Don’t let them get you down, keep your eyes on the goal and stay focused. And hey, if you’re spending money that makes you happy in the long term, its money well spent.

Thanks for reading and I’ll try my best to get the next post out on time!



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